BeliVo Framework.
New approach to the development of instant messengers.
It is a clear demonstrating how you can solve non-trivial technical problems.

Today we present a new promotional video, telling about the BeliVo Messenger.

Today, 04.02.2018, the logo of Doer Technology was introduced.

More information about the logo and its meaning can be found in our blog.

Doer denotes the action, the activity of creation. In the word itself there is a certain dynamic.

Based on this, a logo was developed, consisting of the capital letter D and the flow around it. The flow is realized in the form of a set of separate elements that are assembled into a single form, symbolizing both manufacturability and dynamics.
This is a graphical representation of the flow of processes, tasks, solutions, technologies, projects …

In addition, this logo can easily be decomposed into two graphic primitives – the letter D and the circle (oblique letter O). Such a logo from the hand can draw even an unprepared user. That, in turn, can promote its popularization and simplifies its use in various products, from software to souvenirs.

Four new servers were launched, providing the work of the BeliVo messenger. All servers are located on the territory of the European Union and are currently working in a test mode.